Eipro: Eiprodukte von Wiesenhof
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With EIPRO, you'll come to see eggs
in a whole new light.


Of all the foods that Mother Nature gave us, hen’s eggs are one of the most valuable and, of course, also one of the most fragile. EIPRO-Vermarktung GmbH & Co. KG takes this traditional foodstuff and turns it into a variety of marketable, processed egg products that offer premium quality and maximum safety.

As part of our strategy, we are committed to the continuous development of our product range in accordance with the industry-specific wants and needs of our customers. This is fully in keeping with our motto of “With us, you’ll come to see eggs in a whole new light”, which is partly about implementing creative ideas and developing innovative egg products - for use in new and varied applications. A good example of this is our new organic range, which includes an impressive array of organic egg products that are bound to enable our customers to satisfy the market requirement for organic products.

To help us always keep one step ahead and ensure that our range is always in line with demand, we use modern technology and are able to draw on our many years of experience. Consequently, requests for custom recipes or complex product requirements pose no problem for EIPRO.

EIPRO’s innovation has always been and continues to be based on the expertise of our well-qualified employees. We think that helping each individual to achieve their full potential is extremely important. We see ourselves as a team and understand that targets can only be achieved by working together. Open-mindedness, loyalty and the ability to handle criticism are crucial to the success of the workplace.