Eipro: Eiprodukte von Wiesenhof
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The EIPRO quality concept:
Creating the conditions for a first-class final product!

To guarantee product safety right from the start, EIPRO implements end-to-end quality control measures which start with the raw material itself. Not only are all our suppliers are specially selected and contracted, but they must also meet certain strict criteria.
Every single batch of eggs is analysed at the company's own laboratory by a specialist vet for traces of animal medicines and only if none are found are the eggs approved for further processing. The laboratory is also responsible for monitoring individual production stages and the effectiveness of all cleanliness measures.

All the technical installations are designed to safeguard the natural and functional qualities of the eggs whilst at the same time ensuring maximum product hygiene. By adopting a systematic approach to the manufacturing process, the error rate can be kept to a minimum and consistency ensured in terms of product quality.

The liquid egg products are processed using self-contained systems, whereby the aim at every stage of the production process is to achieve "maximum product safety". Consequently, there is absolutely no question of us mixing together raw and finished products at the pasteurisation stage, for example. The fact that our processes are computer-controlled and our personnel are experienced and highly qualified means that the safety of the manufacturing process is guaranteed from start to finish.

More and more customers are putting their faith in aseptic packaging technology, which has been heavily promoted by EIPRO. This method is based on the use of sterile packaging (e.g. Tetra Brik Pak) and means that the quality of the goods cannot be jeopardised (through recontamination) following pasteurisation.

The comprehensive analyses to which the final product is subjected show just how effective the quality measures are. In laboratory tests, the performance of the entire EIPRO range is extremely consistent and well below the legal maximums. We are always happy to provide customers with detailed results upon request. Thus, EIPRO offers a distinctive form of customer service which, in addition to standard products, can also accommodate individual processing requirements.

Because EIPRO maintains detailed and comprehensive documentation, the traceability of each individual item and each production batch can be ensured throughout all stages of production. These records form the basis for regular evaluation, which is then used to define action that needs to be taken as part of a continuous improvement process.

The quality standards at a glance.

• Our guiding principle when it comes to production is "as natural as possible".

• EIPRO products are pasteurised using a gentle process so that they keep as much of their natural goodness as possible.

• State-of-the-art technology is used to ensure maximum safety and hygiene. And it is here that EIPRO certainly stands out from the crowd: We were the first European supplier to adopt aseptic packaging technology in respect of egg products.

• Because of its seamless refrigeration logistics, EIPRO is in a position to distribute its products nationwide so that they reach customers safely and in accordance with refrigeration requirements.

• EIPRO's many years of experience and high level of expertise guarantee consistent high quality coupled with maximum product safety.

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