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Capturing the spirit of the age:
EIPRO organic egg products!


The new EIPRO organic range is designed to address the customer demand for organic products. EIPRO offers a wide range of organic egg products which are ideal for creating all kinds of tasty meals and simple snacks for your enjoyment. The reason why these organic egg products are so attractive is that they are extremely tasty, safe and easy to use. They are very gently pasteurised and aseptically packaged, making it easier for users to comply with HACCP guidelines.

Here at Eipro, premium organic quality starts before the eggs even arrive at the factory. All our organic egg products are created using eggs from certified organic farms. Amongst other things, this guarantees the use of organic feed and that the hens are kept in appropriate conditions.

EIPRO egg products carry the German organic product seal, which was introduced in 2001 as a sign of organic origin. This seal can only be used by producers and manufacturers who comply with the provisions of the EU Organic Farming Regulation and are willing to undergo mandatory regular inspections. The Organic Inspection number is: DE-Öko-024. The seal acts as an aid to consumers and is proof of the product’s organic status.