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Fried Egg:
The Classic with absolute certainty.


Classic: Fried egg on a slice of bread.
Delicious:Fried egg on schnitzel

With EIPRO, you'll come to see egges in a whole new light:
Thanks to our Ei-Buffet Fried Egg

  • Genuine natural product

  • Natural flavour and fresh appearance

  • Without preservatives, colouring agents or flavour enhancers

  • Absolute safety - HACCP compliant!

  • Only needs to be warmed - ready to be enjoyed

  • Large quantities are also rapidly prepared -
    the solution for an increased  demand

  • Success guaranteed and highly versatile:
    In the morning, afternoon, evening or in-between


Nutritional Value
On avarage, 100g Fried egg contains: 

Energy value Fat (of which saturated fats)    

Carbohydrates (of which sugar) 

 Fibre ProteinSalt 


 11.2 g (3.3 g)  0.6 g (0.3 g)  >0.5g  13.1g0.3g 





Technical Data

Article no.    Sales unit EAN BagEAN Outer carton 


8444  50 pieces per carton  -  4012229009739  12  144  18 months



Made from fresh barn eggs.

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