Eipro: Eiprodukte von Wiesenhof
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free range egg products
Better quality – safety assured.




With EIPRO, you’ll come to see eggs in a whole
new light – thanks to free range egg products:

• Whole Egg, Confectioners` egg whites PLUS and Egg yolk in liquid form,
   made from free range eggs, pasteurised and aseptic packed
• Tetra Brik with practical resealable screw cap – quick and easy to use
• No preservatives or flavour enhancers
• Highest quality and safety
• Confectioners` egg whites PLUS:
   Perfect for beating
   Improved stability
   Ability to work with it for longer
   More stable consistency


Nutritional values
100 g of free range egg products contain on average:

Article description Energy  Fat (of which saturated fats)

(of which sugar)

 Fibre Protein Salt   

Whole egg,
free range


649 kJ/ 
155 kcal

 11,2 g (3,3 g)

0,6 g (0,3 g)

  < 0,5 g 13,1 g 0,32 g
Egg yolk,
free range
 1459 kJ/
353 kcal
 32 g (9,4 g)
 0,3 g (0,2 g)  < 0,5 g 16,1 g 0,13 g
Confectioners` egg whites
free range
 202 kJ/
47 kcal
  < 0,1 g (< 0,1 g)
  0,7 g ( 0,4 g) 

 < 0,5 g

 11,1 g 

0,43 g


Technical data

Article description
 Article no.  Sales unit
Whole egg, free range 4632

12 x 1000 g Tetra Brik

Whole egg, free range 2525 1 x 10 kg Bag in Box
Egg yolk, free range 4832 12 x 1000 g Tetra Brik
Confectioners` egg whites PLUS, free range 4762 12 x 1000 g Tetra Brik








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free range egg products
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