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All fresh batters are ready to use and can be poured directly from the packaging into the pan, the pancake tray or waffle iron. The functionality is independent of the cooking utensils. Successful results are guaranteed with all utensils or appliances.
Eifix gourmet scrambled eggs are ready to use and can be poured into a pan for cooking without further ado. For Eifix gourmet scrambled eggs, we use 18 eggs which are free of preservatives and which are perfected with milk, cream and mild seasoning. Eifix gourmet scrambled eggs are pasteurised and make approx. 10 delicious portions of scrambled egg. With Eifix, anyone can prepare scrambled eggs that turn out perfectly in a frying pan or in a combi-steamer. Perfect scrambled eggs are fluffy and creamy and can be stored in a chafing dish for at least 90 minutes without any loss of quality – an ideal and particularly delicious addition to any breakfast buffet.
PEGGYS are pasteurised eggs from German barn egg production. By pasteurising the eggs, the risk of transmitting harmful bacteria, e.g. Salmonella, is eliminated. PEGGYS are hygienic, food safe and completely natural. They offer all the benefits of ordinary eggs and make a healthy diet with valuable proteins possible. With PEGGYS eggs can finally be offered and enjoyed again without restrictions – especially soft boiled eggs and fried eggs with a soft yolk.
Eggs are a highly sensitive and valuable natural product. But not every egg is a safe egg, because raw eggs can be contaminated with harmful bacteria on the surface of the shell and inside the egg. We have developed a process for pasteurising eggs in the shell. PEGGYS are gently heat treated but not cooked. This process means that hygiene contaminations can be eliminated, but the eggs remain liquid and all nutrients are retained.
PEGGYS are uncomplicated to use and offer the highest level of safety – this means everyone can enjoy eggs without any concerns or worries. With Peggys, egg dishes such as soft boiled eggs, fried eggs with a soft yolk, homemade mayonnaise or tiramisu can be made and served without hesitation.
PEGGYS have a shelf life of at least 30 days.
PEGGYS have the same cooking and taste properties as raw, unpasteurised eggs. Their use remains almost unchanged. The interior of PEGGYS is liquid as usual and the egg yolk and egg white can be separated from each other easily. However, the egg white becomes slightly cloudy in appearance due to pasteurisation. This does not affect the taste. The egg white of PEGGYS can also be beaten to make beaten egg white foam as usual – it only takes a little longer.

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